Sterling’s Truths for Life #17

The belief in basic human goodness has led to many of the greatest evils in history.

morality politics

Further Explanation

If people were basically good, it would not be so difficult for them to get along. There are various theories as to why basically good people do horrible things, get into wars, and commit atrocities. All these are excuses and are dumb. There’s no special class of evil people that corrupt humanity in groups. There’s no manipulative object like money or power that turns people evil. If they were basically good, they would use those things for good. Evil comes from all places, but especially from within.

However, convincing you that people are basically good is the first step to tyranny. After being convinced, you can accept the ludicrous idea that whatever the politicians are doing, they are working for good and they’re intentions are what’s most important. False. Some, even many politicians may be working for good, but, as a general rule, only insomuch as it also benefits themselves. Anyone who does not see every politicians as at least a partial adversary, a cobelligerent you may be opposed to whenever we switch subjects, is making a mistake.

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