Sterling’s Truths for Life #2

The harder a problem is to track down, the simpler the cause is likely to be.

technical code problem solving

Further Explanation

I have often found when working in software development, home improvement, or even just trying to locate a lost object around the house that my mind and my eyes tend to overlook the obvious. How many Systems Administrators have wasted 20 minutes or more trying to figure out why some printer or appliance wasn’t working and realized they forgot to plug one of the cables in? How many times have I hunted for my keys and found them in my hand? How many times have a wondered why my code changes weren’t working and found I was editing the wrong file. If a problem is vexing, check to make sure you haven’t overlooked an obvious, easy solution to your problem.

This was formerly Sterling’s Truths for Life #1. See STFL #1.

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