Sterling’s Truths for Life #4

Whiteboards are awesome.


Further Explanation

I have had 4 offices since being a full-blown professional. One at the University, where I had a very nice 4’ x 8’ porcelain on steel whiteboard. One where I had no whiteboard. And two home offices. One home office had an 7’ x 8’ floor-to-ceiling whiteboard covering one entire wall. My current office has larger and has a 7’ x 20’ whiteboard covering one entire wall. Of those jobs, can you guess which I liked least? The one where the employer refused to put a whiteboard in my office, of course.

I think best on the wall or on paper. Very often when hashing through something I’m working on I will just write it out in text on the wall. It helps crystalize my thoughts and often reveals flaws that remain hidden within my internal imagination.

The next best thing to a whiteboard is 10 lines-per-inch graph paper and Sirasa Zebra Gel Pens.

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