Sterling’s Truths for Life #127

There's no magic formula to parenting.


Further Explanation

Everyone who has ever written a parenting book that had a method that "does it the right way" is wrong. Just about anyone can be a good parent. Pretty much every sane person has all the equipment and instincts to do it. The notion that there's one system or formula for doing it right is simply hubris. (This form of pride seems to be especially infectious among authors writing books on parenting.)

There may be some good practical advice to be had, but mostly it comes down to love, where "love" is defined as committing to do the best for another person (eee STFL #33). If you are committed to do that, you already have everything you need. You might be too wishy-washy, too legalistic, too chaotic, too demanding, too whatever. Yet, if you have love, you'll try to do less of whatever you are "too" of and focus on what's best for your kids.

The reason that there are so many bad parents out there is not because those parents don't have the right mojo. It's simply because those parents don't love their children.

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