Sterling’s Truths for Life #128

Theology is everything.

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Further Explanation

There are those who will downplay theology and orthodoxy, claiming that it's secondary or even tertiary in importance. They may claim that what really matters is loving one another or being a good neighbor or whatever. However, that too is a theological position that is deeply and significantly held. All theological choices have practical consequences.

For example, if conciliation or unity with others is your primary theological position, ahead of other concerns it will completely change how you practice religion. You will be focused on this life and what others think rather than the true life to come. You won't be worried about what God thinks.

Whereas, as another example, if you believe that believing correct things is of high importance, you will focus on eternity and what God wants now instead of how to get along with others. You may serve others and seek unity as part of your service to God, but you'll be far less bothered by what other people think.

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